Всероссийский центр медицины катастроф "Защита" 
Министерства здравоохранения Российской Федерации 

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123182, Москва, ул. Щукинская, д.5 Полная информация и схема проезда 

Medical Evacuation Team

Every day specialists of Medical evacuation team deliver emergency medical care to the injured and patients on the federal level and conduct medical evacuation. Experienced medical personnel provides every day and emergency preparedness.

Structure and main lines of Medical evacuation team’s activity: 

Operational dispatcher department:

· Day-and-night work of dispatcher console;

· Accepting applications;

· Supervision of mobile teams work;

· Interaction with responsible offices-on- duty of the territorial centres for disaster medicine, first-aid stations, airport medical posts, etc.

Medical-evacuation department:

· Coping with organizational and practical problems of medical evacuation on the federal level;

· Cooperation with departments, federal and regional medical institutions, insurance and assist-companies, consular institutions and 
  diplomatic missions;

· Medical evacuation, including air-medical, in the Russian Federation and from abroad by different vehicles

Medical-consultative department:

· Organization and conducting on-site consultations with different specialists

· Referral specialists to deliver secondary medical care to the patients

· Telemedicine consultations

Contact information:

5, St. Schukinskaya, 123182, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (499) 190-60-54 (day-and-night)
tel./fax: +7 (495) 942-45-23

E-mail: airamb@vcmk.ru

123182, Москва, ул. Щукинская, д.5 Полная информация и схема проезда 

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