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The Center of air medical service (CAMS) is a structural unit of the Federal State Budget Institution "All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine "Zaschita" of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.

In its activities, the CAMS is guided by the Federal Law No. 323-FZ of 21.11.2011 “On Fundamental Healthcare Principles in the Russian Federation”, the Regulation on the All-Russian Service for Disaster Medicine, orders of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Charter of the ARSDM “Zaschita”, local normative acts of the ARSDM “Zaschita”.

CAMS is designed to organize and provide medical care to patients and victims, including those affected by natural, man-made disasters, terrorist acts and armed conflicts.

The main objectives of CAMS:

 Organization and provision of medical care to patients and victims in various modes of functioning of the RSChS at the federal level.
 Organization and provision of emergency medical care, including specialized medical care and medical evacuation of patients and victims in the Russian Federation and from abroad.
 Organization of consultative emergency medical care.
 Delivery of medicines and medical products, blood products and (or) its components, consumable materials and other medical supplies necessary to save patients lives.

The structure of CAMS includes the following units:

Operational and dispatching department:

 organization of round-the-clock operation of the control desk;
 reception of incoming applications;
 management and control of the work of mobile medical teams;
 interaction with the responsible duty officers of the regional centers for emergency medical care and disaster medicine, territorial centers for disaster medicine, emergency medical stations, medical centers of airports, transportation services for aviation nodes, etc.

Medical evacuation department:

 solving organizational and practical issues of medical evacuation of patients at the federal level;
  interaction on medical evacuation issues with interested departments, federal and regional medical organizations, insurance and assistance companies, consular offices and diplomatic missions;
 ensuring medical, including sanitary-aviation, evacuation of patients throughout the Russian Federation and from abroad by various means of transport.

Medical advisory department:

 organization and conducting face-to-face consultations by specialists of various profiles;
 providing the specialists to render specialized medical care to patients;
 organizing and conducting consultations through telemedicine information technology.

Organizational and methodological department:

 carrying out organizational and methodological work on the activities of CAMS, including the provision of emergency medical care, including specialized emergency, and medical evacuation.

Contact Information:

123182, Moscow, Shchukinskaya st., 5
Tel.: 8 (499) 190-60-54 (24-hour)
Tel./fax: 8 (495) 942-45-23
E-mail: airamb@vcmk.ru

123182, Москва, ул. Щукинская, д.5 Полная информация и схема проезда 

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