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Description of “Disaster Medicine” Journal

“Disaster Medicine” is a quarterly scientific magazine on problems of medical care delivery to population in environment of accidents, catastrophes, natural calamities, epidemics, terror acts and armed conflicts.

It is an official magazine of All Russian Service for Disaster Medicine, a functional subsystem of the Unified Emergency Prevention and Response State System (UEPRSS). The Federal State Budget Institution “All Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine “Zaschita” of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation is the founder of the Journal published since 1992.

Circulation: 1,000 copies of 8 printed sheets, 64 pages, by subscription.

United press catalog of Russia index number: 18269.

Articles are published free of charge. The journal is listed as a leading peer reviewed science edition of the State commission for academic degrees and titles since 2003 and is presented in Internet and indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index since 2008.

Short electronic version of the journal can be found on the site of science electronic library: http://elibrary.ru/title_profile.asp?id=8824 (complete versions are for subscribers of the library only) or on the site of “All Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine “Zaschita” in the section Information Support/ Disaster Medicine Journal: http://www.vcmk.ru/journal/Disaster-Medicine/)

Contact Information:

Editor-in-Chief Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S.F.Goncharov

Editorial Board postal address: 123182, Moscow, 5 Shchukinskaya St., ARCDM “Zaschita” of Health Ministry of Russia, Editorial Board of “Disaster Medicine” Journal.

E-mail: rcdm@mail.ru

Telephone: +7(499) 190 59 60

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123182, Москва, ул. Щукинская, д.5 Полная информация и схема проезда 

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